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Telegram, a Dubai-based chat app that has attracted a surge of new users, including some far-right Trump supporters fleeing purges at other sites, has begun a rare purge of American extremist content.

At least 15 extremist Telegram channels — akin to chatrooms where the founders have moderating power — have recently been banned, according to a tally by NBC News. Content has been censored on several others.

Some pro-Trump zealots have moved to Telegram in recent days to plan violence on Jan. 20, the day Joe Biden is scheduled to be inaugurated.

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A follower of the QAnon conspiracy theory who parked his armored vehicle in the middle of a bridge near the Hoover Dam and held an armed standoff with law enforcement has been sentenced to nearly eight years in an Arizona prison.

Matthew Wright, 33, of the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, Nev., pleaded guilty during a mid-December court hearing in Mohave County Superior Court to making a terrorist threat and fleeing law enforcement.

Wright, who was arrested after he fled the bridge and his armored vehicle became stuck in the Arizona desert, initially faced a slew of charges that could have imprisoned him for life.

Wright, in an interview with a psychologist hired by his defense attorney, said his June 2018 action was an attempt to gain publicity for a pair of causes, both of which are rooted in conspiratorial thinking.

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