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A collection of open-source homeland security and terrorism news from around the world.
Date: Sep 7, 2021

The Islamic State-inspired terrorist who stabbed six people at an Auckland supermarket searched online for “safety and security guidelines for lone wolf mujahedeen”, days after buying a hunting knife.

The searches were revealed in court documents relating to Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen, who was shot dead by police during his attack, that were released on Monday.

Samsudeen had owned the same model of knife the year before but it had been seized by the police.

In the days following his purchase, Samsudeen made a series of internet searches including “Islamic state dress”; “Enemies of Allah”; “Isis allegiance”; and “Heroes of the Islamic state”.

He also searched for: “Safety and security guidelines for lone wolf mujahedeen”.

Samsudeen also looked at a number of video clips online, some of which provided “instruction on the use of the knife and footage of attempted decapitation using a hunting knife”.

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Three men who planned to commit a terror attack in Melbourne's CBD, killing multiple people with a rifle, have each been sentenced to a decade behind bars.

Hanifi Halis, Samed Eriklioglu and Ertunc Eriklioglu were each sentenced to a maximum of ten years' jail before the County Court today, having each pleaded guilty to conspiring to do acts in preparation for a terrorist attack.

The two brothers and their friend, who met through a multicultural youth centre, were arrested at their homes in Melbourne's north-western suburbs in November 2018 before they could carry out the attack.

They had paid a cash deposit for a semiautomatic rifle, which they had planned to use to kill as many people as possible in Melbourne's CBD.
The court heard the men were inspired and "enthused" by the Bourke Street terror attack on 9 November 2018 in which Hassan Khalif Shire Ali stabbed and killed cafe owner Sisto Malaspina.

The group then discussed travelling overseas to fight for the Islamic state and devised a plan to use a firearm to kill people in the CBD.

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A massive manhunt is underway for six Palestinian prisoners who escaped from the Gilboa Prison in Israel's North using a tunnel.

Gantz was updated on both the intelligence and operational efforts to find the prisoners and ordered that troops at border crossings and crossings in the Seam Zone be reinforced, a statement from his office said.

The police are preparing for the possibility that the terrorists might attempt to carry out an attack during the Rosh Hashana holiday, including the possibility of kidnapping Israelis in order to release other prisoners.

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Pretrial hearings in the case of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who has been accused of being the lead plotter behind the September 11 attacks, and four other detainees held at Guantanamo Bay are set to resume on Tuesday. The last in-person hearing in the case was held in February 2020.

All five detainees are accused of plotting and executing the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Along with Mohammed, Walid Muhammad Salih Mubarak Bin 'Attash, Ramzi Bin al-Shibh, Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, and Mustafa Ahmed Adam al Hawsawi are also charged in the capital case. If convicted, all five could receive the death penalty.

The charges against them announced by the US government in 2012 include "terrorism, hijacking aircraft, conspiracy, murder in violation of the law of war, attacking civilians, attacking civilian objects, intentionally causing serious bodily injury, and destruction of property in violation of the law of war."

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During the time an Islamic State-inspired extremist was incarcerated in New Zealand, he was moved to a maximum security prison after punching officers and repeatedly throwing feces and urine at them, corrections officials said Tuesday.

Ahamed Samsudeen, 32, was shot and killed by police Friday after he grabbed a knife at an Auckland supermarket and began stabbing shoppers, injuring seven.

Some 30 officers had been following Samsudeen around the clock for 53 days since his release from prison, worried he was primed to launch a terror attack at any moment.

Since the attack, the condition of his victims has improved each day. Police said Tuesday that two victims remain hospitalized in intensive care units while two more are in general wards, and all are now in stable condition. The other three victims are recovering at home.

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