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A collection of open-source homeland security and terrorism news from around the world.
Date: May 6, 2021

A journalist who disappeared last month in Mali's northern city of Gao appeared in a video on Wednesday appealing to authorities to do everything they can to free him from Islamist militants holding him.

"I'm Olivier Dubois. I'm French. I'm a journalist. I was kidnapped in Gao on April 8 by the JNIM (al Qaeda North Africa).

"I'm speaking to my family, my friends and the French authorities for them to do everything in their power to free me," Dubois said in a 21-second video shared on social media.

French civilians have long been favoured targets for kidnapping by criminal and Islamist groups in West Africa's arid Sahel region, partly because of perceptions that the French government is prepared to pay ransoms to secure their release.

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A Minnesota man pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to provide material support and resources, namely property, services and weapons, to what he believed was Hamas, a designated foreign terrorist organization, for use against Israeli and U.S. military personnel overseas.

According to court documents, Michael Solomon, 31, of New Brighton, Minn., was a member of the “Boogaloo Bois,” a group of individuals who espouse violent anti-government sentiments. In late May 2020, the FBI initiated an investigation into Solomon and co-defendant Benjamin Ryan Teeter, both members of the “Boogaloo Bois,” and a sub-group called the “Boojahideen.”

According to court documents, on June 10, 2020, Solomon and Teeter met with a confidential human source (CHS), whom the defendants believed to be a member of Hamas. During this meeting, Solomon and Teeter proposed assisting Hamas as a means of furthering the goals of the Boogaloo Bois. Throughout the course of the conspiracy, Solomon used encrypted messaging applications to communicate with Teeter and the CHS about various aspects of the conspiracy.

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Law enforcement sources have identified the armed man who was shot outside Central Intelligence Agency headquarters Monday evening.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation says Roy Gordon Cole died after being taken to a local hospital.

Sources told FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald that Cole had a long history of mental illness, and was known to CIA security.

According to the FBI, Cole emerged from a vehicle with a weapon and was "engaged by law enforcement officers" around 6 p.m.

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After living in freedom for decades in France, nine Italians convicted of left-wing terrorism for attacks in the 1970s and 1980s appeared in a Paris court Wednesday for an extradition hearing.

The hearing is a first step in what could be a two- or three-year process to determine whether to send them to Italy. But their arrest last week was seen as an important move toward resolving a long-festering political and judicial dispute between Rome and Paris.

Seven were arrested at their homes in France on Wednesday, and two others surrendered to police the next day. They were questioned and then released under judicial supervision.

Police are still seeking one other person. All 10 were convicted in Italy of crimes dating to the 1970s and 1980s, but had fled Italy and sought refuge abroad before they could be imprisoned to serve their sentences.

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