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Homeland Security News

A collection of open-source homeland security and terrorism news from around the world.
Date: Aug 3, 2020

The contest over newfound gas riches in the Eastern Mediterranean has triggered a slew of rival maritime claims, pushing the region’s main powers—all of them America’s partners or allies—toward open confrontation.

On one side is a budding alliance of Greece, Israel, Cyprus and Egypt that benefits from the recent finds. On another is the Eastern Mediterranean’s biggest economy, Turkey, which is increasingly flexing its military muscles as it seeks to break its regional isolation.

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The Israeli army said Monday that it thwarted an attempt by a militant cell in Syria to plant explosive devices in the Golan Heights along the border with Syria.

The incident occurred around midnight Sunday, when Israeli troops spotted a squad placing the explosive devices adjacent to the security fence, an Israeli military statement said. It said troops and aircraft fired on the group simultaneously, “identifying a hit.”

Israel reported no injuries on its side but estimated that all four members of the cell were killed. There was no immediate comment from Syria, and there was no information as to which organization might have been involved.

In a short clip released by the army, four figures are seen walking around rocky terrain, one of them picking something up and then putting it down. They are later seen walking across the land and then ducking down right before an explosion engulfs them.

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Some 300 police officers were deployed to a Kyiv business center on Monday after a man took a bank employee hostage and threatened to detonate a bomb.

Ukraine's Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko later said police have managed to restore control.

"The terrorist has been captured alive," the deputy interior minister said. "There was no explosion."

Gerashchenko also described the alleged attacker as a 32-year-old Uzbekistan national and said the man was "mentally unstable."

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Belarus has opened a criminal probe into planned "terrorist acts" by Russian mercenaries arrested ahead of presidential polls, adding that it was tracking down dozens more.

The country's security services on Wednesday arrested a group of 32 Russian fighters as well as one other man in a different location.

Belarus security council chief Andrei Ravkov on Thursday said a criminal probe had been launched and that the men face charges of preparing "terrorist acts".

"Thirty-three have been detained; there are up to 200 or thereabouts on the territory (of Belarus)," Ravkov said.

He said "a search is going on" to find the others, complaining that it was "like looking for needles in a haystack".

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An unidentified man threw a petrol bomb into the chapel of the Managua Metropolitan Cathedral, causing a fire that left significant material damage, including the destruction of the image of the Blood of Christ.

The attack was confirmed by Sister Arely Guzmán, administrator of the temple, who was on the premises of the Cathedral when the events occurred.

The bomb attack took place at 11:00 in the morning of this July 31. According to witnesses, the man who entered the temple was wearing a loose light blue shirt under which he hid the explosive.

He asked the exact location of the Blood of Christ chapel on the Cathedral grounds and then went to the indicated place. Minutes later they observed the flames coming out of the chapel.

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