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A collection of open-source homeland security and terrorism news from around the world.
Date: Jul 29, 2020

A Pakistani man was arrested on Wednesday after he entered a courtroom in the northwestern city of Peshawar and shot and killed another man who was standing trial for blasphemy.

The man on trial was facing charges of having insulted the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, an offense that carries the maximum sentence of death under the country's blasphemy laws.

The suspect told police that he had been ordered to carry out the killing by Muhammad because the accused had belonged to the Ahmadiyya faith, a minority that Pakistan declared non-Muslim in 1974 for regarding its founder, Ghulam Ahmad, as a prophet. In orthodox Islam, there can be no prophets after Muhammad.

The group, which numbers some 4 million members, has faced persecution for decades.

One police officer, Azmat Khan, told the Associated Press that the accused had himself claimed to be Islam's prophet and had been arrested on blasphemy charges two years ago.

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A teenager admitted in Ontario court on Tuesday he had pledged allegiance to the so-called Islamic State and worked with an attack planner based in Syria to plot bombings.

From his home in Kingston, the Syrian-Canadian youth collaborated through social media with a figure known as “Abu Umar Ibrahim,” who encouraged him and guided his bomb-making.

Nightclubs, churches and sporting venues were discussed as possible targets. While he was preoccupied with bombs, police also found materials referring to poisons, vehicular attacks and burning people inside their homes.

“All those ways are good to kill Christians,” according to an audio file uncovered by police.

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A new video released by ISIS terrorists urges followers in America to begin a campaign of arson attacks. The four minute-long video is the first new marching orders in a long time from ISIS' propaganda wing, pushing followers to fight fire with fire, literally.

The animated tightly-produced video is entitled "Incite the Believers" and many of the scenes are engulfed in flames and, as with previous terrorist "message" videos, it encourages violent criminal acts against Western civilization. This time, ISIS is encouraging followers to start fires for maximum damage and carnage.

In Arabic, the narrator encourages followers to use cigarette lighters, matches and gasoline to start fires in places where they won't be detected in retribution for U.S. combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan the past nearly two decades.

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A Syrian-born woman who charged employees at a tire shop in Canada in 2017 in an attempt to carry out an attack inspired by ISIS was denied parole on Monday after prosecutors said she continues to threaten to commit another attack if she is released.

Rehab Dughmosh was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2019 for trying to join ISIS and carrying out the attack in Toronto, but her parole date was slated for Aug. 7.

In February, she wrote a threatening note to parole officers saying: "If you release me from jail, I will do another terrorist attack, so tell your government to send me back to my country," according to reports by Global News.

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