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Homeland Security News

A collection of open-source homeland security and terrorism news from around the world.
Date: Jun 2020

An Aurora man is facing federal charges, accused of throwing an explosive device at a Naperville police car during a protest earlier in June.

Naperville police said during a protest on June 1, someone threw multiple explosive devices, causing minor injuries to several officers.

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A monthly magazine produced by ISIS supporters hailed jihadists “on the media frontlines” as performing “one of the best deeds” by producing propaganda across a swath of mediums to counter media reports on terrorist activity.

“The Voice of Hind,” an English-language magazine published and distributed online by ISIS supporters in India, published its fifth edition last week and dedicated the first article to congratulating media jihadists as “every word of yours is like an arrow against the disbelievers.”

The article claimed that over the previous month ISIS and the group’s supporters had produced four magazines, at least seven books and eight videos, more than 15 audio recordings, more than 35 infographics, and more than 200 posters. They likely offered estimates instead of exact figures because though there are several established ISIS-supporting media groups that produce readily accessible content, lone actors may also be producing content that’s not distributed as widely.

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A Lebanese judge ordered media organizations to stop interviewing the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon after she criticized Hezbollah, stoking new tension inside the country and out, even as it was unclear whether the ban will be enforced.

U.S. Ambassador Dorothy Shea expressed long-standing U.S. concerns over the role of Hezbollah in an interview Friday with Saudi state-owned broadcaster al-Hadath. The Iranian-backed militant group has been designated a terrorist organization by the United States but holds political office in Lebanon.

Shea accused it of obstructing economic reforms and siphoning billions of dollars from government coffers. She also expressed “serious reservations” regarding Hezbollah’s quick endorsement of Lebanon’s new government, discussed existing and future sanctions targeting the group, and voiced concern about “threatening language” against the United States in a recent speech by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

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The Supreme Court on Monday refused to block the execution of four federal prison inmates who are scheduled to be put to death in July and August, including a White Supremacist who once bombed Spokane City Hall.

This comes after the court temporarily halted the restarting of federal executions after a 16-year-break in December 2019.

The justices rejected an appeal from four inmates who were convicted of killing children. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor noted that they would have blocked the executions from going forward.

The inmates are separately asking a federal judge in Washington to impose a new delay on their executions over other legal issues that have yet to be resolved.

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Gunmen armed with grenades attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange in the city of Karachi on Monday in a bid to take hostages, killing two guards and a policeman before security forces killed all four of the attackers, security officials said.

Separatist insurgents from the troubled southwestern province of Balochistan claimed responsibility, a senior counter-terrorism official, Raja Umar Khattab, told Reuters.

The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) had claimed responsibility in a post on Twitter but Reuters was not able to verify the authenticity of the account.

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