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Homeland Security News

A collection of open-source homeland security and terrorism news from around the world.
Date: Sep 18, 2019

A U.S.-backed Syrian militia running a prison packed with thousands of alleged ISIS fighters is struggling to keep control of the detainees. The prisoners want to return to their home countries, and their jailers warn that if something isn't done to relieve the burden, the accused terrorists could end up back in the fight.

The militia let CBS News correspondent Holly Williams and her team inside the high security prison in northeast Syria — the first time a television camera has been allowed in. They wouldn't even permit video showing the outside of the facility, given the tense security situation in the region.

President Trump has called on European countries to bring home their nationals who joined ISIS in Syria, so it was a surprise for Williams to find prisoners who said they were American.

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The world's largest social media platform will target Australians who search for specific words and terms linked to violent extremism in an effort to combat terrorism and hate organisations.

Users of Facebook and Instagram in Australia who search for terms like "heil Hitler" and "atomwaffen" [a neo-Nazi terrorist network] will trigger an automatic online response.

The pop-up will refer them to EXIT Australia, a not-for-profit organisation founded by former extremists which offers to help individuals seek a safe exit from groups advocating illegal, violent or other extreme action.

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The Elizabeth man accused of shooting at five Linden police officers just before they apprehended him for allegedly placing bombs alongside a Seaside Park 5K charity run and in Manhattan will stand trial in Union County next week.

Ahmad Khan Rahimi, 31, faces five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer stemming from a shootout that erupted after Linden police officer Angel Padilla, who was shot, discovered Rahimi sleeping in the vestibule of a Linden bar on Sept. 19, 2016.

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A Northampton County man is looking into a plea agreement after federal prosecutors accused him of dropping explosives from a drone on his ex-girlfriend's property.

Jason Muzzicato hasn't been charged with detonating any of the explosives that rocked a Washington Township community, but he is facing related charges.

Charles Carcione's surveillance cameras captured one of several explosions that rattled him and his neighbors in Washington Township this spring and summer.

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