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Date: Dec 18, 2016

Jordanian security forces said they killed four "terrorist outlaws" after flushing them out of a castle in the southern city of Karak where they had holed up after a shoot-out that killed nine people.

An official statement said the four assailants, who shot at police targets in the town before heading to the Crusader-era castle, carried automatic weapons. Large quantities of explosives, weapons and suicide belts were seized in a hideout, the statement said.

It made no mention of their identity or whether they belonged to any militant group, raising speculation they could have been tribal outlaws with a vengeance against the state rather than Islamic State fighters, who control parts of neighboring Syria and Iraq.

A Canadian woman, three other civilians and five police officers were among the nine killed during the exchange of gunfire between the assailants and security forces.

At least 29 people were hospitalized, some with serious injuries.

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Four cars carrying gunmen attacked a police patrol south of Karak, Jordan on Sunday.

Jordanian police surrounded the militants in the area after they attacked security forces.

There are casualties among the forces.

Jordanian government sent a special helicopter from Amman to the province of Karak, and have closed the city center amid sounds of shooting.

Source:  Al Arabiya

A suicide bomber has killed at least 40 soldiers and wounded many more in the southern Yemeni port city of Aden.

Reports say the soldiers were queuing up to receive salaries near a military base when the attacker struck.

The bomber immersed himself in the crowd of soldiers at al-Solban base in al-Arish district, an official said.

So-called Islamic State (IS) said it was behind the attack, adding it killed 70 "apostates". The bombing follows a near identical attack days ago.

The same base was hit earlier in the week, in an attack which left 48 soldiers dead.

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