Federal authorities arrested a Florida man Tuesday for breaching the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, accusing him of shoving police officers and then boasting about his confrontations in an Instagram video — the latest in a string of people who have been charged with participating in the riot after openly bragging about it on social media.

The Justice Department says it’s arrested more than 400 people in connection with the Jan. 6 riots, with charges ranging from unlawful entry to more serious offenses like conspiracy and assaulting police. Some of the alleged rioters were not very discreet. Federal authorities have arrested several people who admitted to breaking into the Capitol on online platforms: A New York man sent boastful messages about the riot on the dating app Bumble, a Texas couple wrote on Facebook that they “fought the cops,” and two unrelated people yelled out their first and last names during Facebook Live videos of themselves breaching the Capitol. Plus, multiple people have been arrested after giving interviews to media outlets about the riot, a father and son were caught because one of them told coworkers they broke into the building, and a man was fired for openly wearing his company ID badge to the riot.

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