Night after night, tear gas has hung like a cloud over the Sterling Square Apartments, just across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department, seeping through the walls and air vents like an invisible predator.

The two-story apartment complex has been ground zero for demonstrations over the April 11 fatal shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright by a Brooklyn Center police officer. Residents have looked outside their windows as protesters clash with law enforcement officers who have used the chemical irritant as well as stun grenades and other less-lethal weapons to control the demonstrators.

The aggressive tactics have injured dozens of protesters and journalists and sent dangerous fumes and projectiles into the adjacent apartments, leaving residents sick and fearful in what many describe as a war zone. The tenants, many of them low-income and Black, have reported rashes and nosebleeds and say they are unable to sleep because of the fumes and noise.

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