The German woman writes "danke" — or thank you — with seven As to emphasize her gratitude. She is moved, excited and inspired by the mob forming on Capitol Hill. In only a few moments, they would storm the seat of the US government.

"They are fighting in front of the Capitol for all of us! What brave people! Thaaaaaaank you!" She ends the message with three red hearts.

It's 7:31 p.m. in Germany — January 6. She posts her message on "QPatrioten24," a German Telegram group DW has been tracking over several months on the popular messaging platform.

Ardent backers of outgoing US President Donald Trump flood the group with messages of diehard support.

They believe their ideological leader won the 2020 US presidential election and insist he was robbed of that victory. From their perspective, Trump would take back what was rightfully his on January 6, the day Congress was set to formalize the results of the election.

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