Acting U.S. Attorney for D.C. Michael Sherwin said Tuesday that with a strike force established to focus strictly on sedition charges related to the U.S. Capitol riot “we’re looking at and treating this just like a significant international counterterrorism or counterintelligence operation.”

“We’re looking at everything, money, travel records, looking at disposition, movement, communication records,” Sherwin said at a Justice Department press conference. “So, no resource related to the FBI or the U.S. Attorney’s Office will be unchecked in terms of trying to determine exactly if there was a command and control, how it operated, and how they executed these activities.”

Steven D’Antuono, assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, said that in six days “we have opened over 160 case files and that’s just the tip of the iceberg” as agents investigate and fan out across the country to arrest and charge people with taking part in last week’s Capitol riot.

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