ISIS said in a new issue of its weekly newsletter that rioters “being seen breaking into one of the most important centers of sovereignty in America” signaled that domestic unrest could work to the terror group’s advantage.

The full-page article in the latest al-Naba used a Reuters photo of a police flashbang illuminating the west front of the Capitol in order to disperse rioters on Wednesday. The terror group hailed the “great” symbolism of breaking into the U.S. Capitol “during a meeting of the tyrants,” and said the history of America “over the past decades” reveals a pattern of “greater and more serious internal events.”

ISIS noted that it’s “not the first U.S. election whose results are contested and questioned,” and “it will not be the last.” They predicted that President-elect Biden will be preoccupied with domestic strife as “the conflict is between the two parties and their supporters.”

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