A federal jury in Chicago has convicted a suburban man of threatening a law enforcement officer and posting similarly threatening messages on social media.
ROBERT ANTHONY HAAS in 2019 sent harassing and threatening text messages and voicemails to a federal task force officer.  In one of the text messages, Haas stated, “I’m not afraid to walk out my door in the morning.  You should be however considering you support Jewish terrorism and your anti-American [expletive] is going to get you killed.”  The officer had come into contact with Haas when he interviewed him after the FBI received a complaint about disturbing messages Haas posted to a social media website.
In addition to the threats against the federal officer, evidence at trial revealed that Haas posted similarly disturbing messages at the social media website.  In one of those postings, Haas stated, “I don’t care if it’s a cop, prosecutor, judge, politician or elite.  You try to stop me from telling the truth I will cut every throat in your home.  Try me!”