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Critical Infrastructure News

In April, New York’s subway authority was hacked by a group of cybercriminals with suspected Chinese government connections. The authority is responsible for operating all of New York’s train and bus systems and the attack exposed vulnerabilities in the services used by millions every day.

Fortunately, the authority operates a multi-layered security system which reportedly prevented the attack from spreading to other related systems. It’s been reported that the attack didn’t compromise any personal information of customers or employees and didn’t involve any ransom or demands.

It’s still not clear why the authority was targeted, but reports in the New York Times have suggested two theories: (1) that the motivation for the attack could have been related to China’s rail car production industry and gaining an understanding of the authority’s tendering process / contract awarding system; (2) seemingly unlikely, that the hackers simply entered the system by accident and when they found it was of little interest, left without taking any action.

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WASHINGTON — The White House announced Tuesday that it will establish a task force to address supply chain challenges in key sectors where “a mismatch between supply and demand has been evident.”

The task force will focus on “homebuilding and construction, semiconductors, transportation, and agriculture and food” and will be led by the secretaries of commerce, agriculture and transportation, the White House said.

As the U.S. has reopened its economy, changes in demand have caused the disruptions, the White House said.

“While these short-term supply chain disruptions are temporary, the president has directed his administration to closely monitor these developments and take actions to minimize the impacts on workers, consumers, and businesses in order to bolster a strong economic recovery,” it said.

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