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Vehicle Theft Prevention Council

Vehicle Theft Prevention CouncilThe Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council is charged with assisting in the prevention and deterrence of private passenger and commercial motor vehicle theft and related crime, including vandalism and theft of property from vehicles in the state. It seeks to improve and support vehicle theft law enforcement, prosecution, prevention, and education and juvenile diversion programs by establishing statewide planning capabilities and coordination of dedicated funding sources.


Between the years 1984 to 1994, vehicle theft in Maryland increased by 143%. To counter this escalating trend, the Maryland General Assembly created the Vehicle Theft Prevention Council in 1994, as a statewide planning and dedicated funding resource. The Council embraces a statewide strategy directed at public awareness, vehicle theft by juveniles, law enforcement and prosecution through a grant award process. This strategy has proven to be highly successful in reducing vehicle theft rates throughout the state of Maryland. Since the creation of the Council in 1994, overall vehicle theft rates in Maryland have been reduced by over 53% for an estimated economic savings of over $123 million.


The Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council has the following duties and responsibilities in carrying out its mission:

  • To make grants and awards from the fund for motor vehicle theft intervention programs.
  • To solicit and accept funds for deposit to the fund to be used to carry out the purpose of the Council.
  • To establish or assist in the establishment of programs designed to reduce the incidence of vehicle theft and related crimes.
  • To identify priorities for the theft prevention strategies in the state and criteria for the Council's evaluation of recipients receiving assistance from the Council.
  • To study and propose laws that will further prevent and deter vehicle thefts and related crime.

For a summary of Vehicle Theft Prevention Initiatives and Maryland Vehicle Theft statistics, see the Vehicle Theft Prevention Council 2010 Annual Report (PDF).