The Maryland State Police College Park Barrack received an alert via the fixed LPR system on Interstate I95, Prince George's County, MD, for a critically missing person. A broadcast was given for the vehicle and troopers responded to the area to attempt to locate the vehicle. A trooper from College Park Barrack was able to locate the vehicle and with the assistance of another trooper was able to stop the vehicle. Troopers contacted the driver who was identified and verification was provided from Pennsylvania that he was reported as an endangered, missing person. One of the troopers on the scene contacted the daughter of the missing person who advised that her father was not supposed to be driving due to medical conditions and that is why she reported him missing to the Pennsylvania State Police. Emergency medical personnel were summoned to the scene to check on the reported missing person, who was subsequently transported to Howard County General Hospital for observation. The trooper also went to the hospital and contacted the daughter to provide updates regarding her father. The daughter also advised that her father suffered from dementia and would responding to the hospital to pick her father up and take him home. While at the hospital an astounding discovery was made. The doctors in the emergency room advised that the gentleman had a cerebral brain hemorrhage and needed to be flown immediately to Johns Hopkins hospital for surgery. They further stated that the doctors said that with his current condition, a stroke was imminent if he did not receive further care. Had it not been for the alert received from the LPR this gentleman may not have received the lifesaving care, he ultimately received.

A Maryland State Police Trooper was operating a mobile LPR unit on I695 inner loop east of 648, Anne Arundel County when he received an alarm for suspended tags. The tags were confirmed as suspended for VEIP. Following the stop of the vehicle, a strong odor of marijuana was coming from inside the motor vehicle, it also was learned that the vehicle operator's driver's license was suspended for child support. A probable cause search was conducted and revealed two large bags of marijuana in the center console with a weight of 220 grams (1/2 pound). Also, between the driver's seat and the center console was a loaded semi-automatic pistol. The driver did not have authorization to carry a loaded firearm and he was currently on probation. The last known owner of the handgun was reported deceased in 2003.

A Maryland State Police Trooper was on patrol Northbound I-95 S/O 80.2 MM, Harford County, operating a vehicle equipped with an LPR, when he received an alarm for stolen registration plate. The Barrack was contacted and verified that the registration plate was entered into NCIC as stolen. The vehicle was stopped and contact was made with the female driver. A check of the drivers revealed that her Florida driver's license was suspended 12 times. It also revealed that she had 3 outstanding fugitive warrants in the state of Florida. The entering agency was contacted and informed that they would extradite. The subject was placed under arrest at 0653 hours for theft of under $100, driving on a suspended license, and a Fugitive Warrant.