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License Plate Reader Success Stories

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During the month of July 2014, the Harford County Sheriff's Office recovered three vehicles reported stolen from other states. The latest recovery occurred on July 27, 2014 when a deputy received an alert from a fixed LPR location in Harford County for a stolen Toyota with North Carolina registration plates. Within a short amount of time, the deputy was able to locate the vehicle and confirm that the vehicle was reported stolen. Two subjects were subsequently arrested and the vehicle was recovered. Had it not been for the LPR, this vehicle would not have been recovered so quickly.

July 23, 2012 the Maryland State Police (MSP) Bel Air barrack received a 911 call from an off duty trooper who stated that he and his family had just been struck in their personal vehicle by an aggressive driver. The off duty trooper advised they were driving when a vehicle described as a primer painted 2 door Honda approached them from the rear at a high rate of speed and was had been following them with less than 6 inches from their bumper at approximately 40 to 45 MPH. As the single lane became two lanes, the vehicle then drove alongside the trooper’s vehicle and aggressively swerved, striking the trooper’s vehicle. The driver of the Honda immediately jumped out of the vehicle and ran toward the trooper’s vehicle, began yelling and punching the window, then fled the scene. The Maryland State Police requested assistance from the MCAC and provided a description of the suspect vehicle and a partial tag. Investigators/Analysts of the MCAC were able to query the LPR database and positively identify the suspect vehicle based on vehicle description and partial tag. MSP investigators contacted the Pennsylvania State Police and a PA trooper was dispatched to the vehicle’s registered address. The PA State Police verified corresponding damage existed on the suspect vehicle. The driver was identified and a warrant for 1st & 2nd Degree assault were obtained.