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A collection of open-source terrorism news from around the world.
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After losing territory, Islamic State fighters are turning to guerrilla war - and the group’s newspaper is telling them exactly how to do it. 

In recent weeks, IS’s al-Naba online newspaper has encouraged followers to adopt guerrilla tactics and published detailed instructions on how to carry out hit-and-run operations. 

The group is using such tactics in places where it aims to expand beyond Iraq and Syria. While IS has tried this approach before, the guidelines make clear the group is adopting it as standard operating procedure. 

In recent weeks, al-Naba newspaper, one of IS’s most important media outlets, has published a four-part series titled “The Temporary Fall of Cities as a Working Method for the Mujahideen”. 

In the articles, IS urged fighters to avoid face-to-face clashes with the enemy — something the group had previously encouraged. 

The series explained how guerrilla fighters can weaken the enemy without taking losses. It urged the jihadists to seize weapons from victims and grab or burn their valuables. 

Among the goals of hit-and-run attacks, the series said, was to take hostages, release prisoners and seize cash from the enemy.
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A Brisbane man allegedly knew he was helping Islamic State when he handed over video-editing software to a relative who was working for the terrorist organisation in Syria and Iraq.

Alaa Adam Atwani, 27, from Algester fronted court on Wednesday after being charged with attempting to provide support to a terrorist organisation.

Police claimed he provided Sony Vegas software to the relative, who had travelled to a Middle East conflict zone and was working for the Islamic State's media unit.

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A New Jersey man has been arrested on charges he attempted to provide material support to terrorists, and law enforcement sources familiar with the case say he allegedly spoke of bombing Trump Tower and the Israeli Consulate in New York.

The man, whose identity wasn't immediately clear, is expected to appear in federal court in Newark later Wednesday, law enforcement sources said.

In addition to allegedly discussing bombing Trump Tower in Manhattan and conducting surveillance on it as a target, the man also allegedly made threats against pro-Israel groups in the United States.

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Even before the coordinated bombings that killed 250 people last month, Sri Lanka’s president and prime minister were in trouble — largely of their own making.

Now calls for President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to step aside when their terms are over, if not before, are mounting from opposition groups as well as from the ranks of their own parties.

A member of Mr. Wickremesinghe’s party issued a public letter last week, asking the prime minister to make way for new leadership. Then, on Tuesday, a small opposition group in Parliament initiated no-confidence votes against both leaders, citing their failure to act on intelligence warning that an attack was imminent as well as their leadership in the aftermath.

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Alaa Adam Atwani is accused of supporting the Islamic State in Iraq in 2014 by providing "Sony Vegas video-editing software" to a relative who had travelled to the conflict zone.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) alleged Mr Atwani's relative was working for the "media unit" of the group.

AFP assistant commissioner Ian McCartney said the arrest had helped protect national security.

"We will allege that the support this man provided was tangible and would directly assist a terrorist organisation with its objectives," he said.

According to court documents, police alleged the offence occurred in Sydney between late October and early November in 2014.

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