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A suicide bomber blew himself up in the heart of the Syrian capital Friday, killing at least 25 people and wounding 46 others, Syrian state media reported.

The incident took place in the al-Midan quarter of Damascus. Casualties included mostly civilians and some law enforcement personnel, the Syrian Arab News Agency said.

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A gas pipeline in central Syria has been hit by an explosion in an attack the government blamed on terrorists, the state-run news agency said.

The blast happened near the town Rastan in the restive Homs province, Sana reported. No-one was injured.

There have been several pipeline attacks since the Syrian uprising began in mid-March, but it is not clear who is behind them - they have come at a time when violence across the country is spiralling out control, unearthing long-standing grievances and resentments.

While the government blames saboteurs and terrorists for the blasts, the opposition accuses the regime of playing on fears of religious extremism and terrorism to rally support behind President Bashar Assad, who has portrayed himself as the only force that can stabilise the country. Syria has banned most foreign journalists from the country and prevented independent reporting, making it difficult to confirm claims from either side.

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Syrian officials are blaming al-Qaeda militants for two deadly explosions in the capital Damascus.

Two car bombs were reportedly detonated close to security buildings, killing at least 40 people. Dozens more are said to have been wounded. It is the first such attack since a revolt against President Bashar al-Assad began nine months ago.

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