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A collection of open-source terrorism news from around the world.
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The United States is considering adding Venezuela to its list of state sponsors of terrorism but no final decision has been made, a person familiar with the deliberations said on Monday.

Adding Venezuela to the list could limit U.S. economic assistance and impose financial restrictions on a country already suffering from hyperinflation, mass migration and shortages of food and medicine.

Discussions on the issue have moved forward in recent days with strong lobbying from Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who has long pressed the administration to take a tougher stand against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the source said.

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Facebook said Thursday it had removed more than a billion fake accounts and taken action against millions of posts, photos and other forms of content that violated its prohibition against hate speech, terrorist propaganda and child exploitation, the latest sign that the social-networking giant faces an onslaught of online abuse as it builds new tools to spot it.

The report shows that Facebook still struggles to identify hate speech and bullying, in particular, even at a time when social media companies are grappling with the rising tide of racist, sexist and anti-Semitic content online and the United States is experiencing a rise in hate crimes.

In the new report reflecting the company’s activities between April and September, Facebook said it had found and removed roughly 1.5 billion fake accounts, while targeting 12.4 million pieces of terrorist propaganda, 2.2 billion pieces of spam and 66 million pieces of content that ran afoul of rules barring adult nudity and sexual activity.

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Counter-terror police have asked high street shops to develop emergency contingency plans to prevent widespread panic during reports of terror attacks.

Staff working in busy stores in the run up to Christmas will all be issued with a ‘sixty second’ security checklist to improve reaction times and ensure evacuations can take place as smoothly as possible.

As well as having a clear understanding about who is in charge of emergency plans, all retail staff will be expected to know when it is appropriate to evacuate a store and when it is best to order a lock down and tell shoppers to stay put.

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The U.S. State Department on Tuesday designated Jawad Nasrallah, son of Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, a terrorist and accused him of carrying out attacks against Israel in the West Bank.

The department also blacklisted Al-Mujahidin Brigades (AMB), which it said had links to Hezbollah and had plotted a number of attacks against Israeli targets from a base in the Palestinian Territories.

“Today’s designations seek to deny Nasrallah and AMB the resources to plan and carry out terrorist attacks,” the State Department said in a statement. It said the actions denied Nasrallah and AMB access to the U.S. financial system.

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One of Britain’s top police officers says intelligence-sharing allies including Australia need to join forces and push technology giants harder for help to decrypt the messages of terrorists, tackle crime gangs and fight child exploitation.

Lynne Owens, the director-general of Britain’s National Crime Agency, has also warned there is a risk that the impact of terrorism through social media and 24-hour news means fighting organised crime is under-resourced even though it kills more people.

Ms Owens, who is roughly equivalent to the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, was speaking to Fairfax Media in the wake of the Bourke Street attack and as federal Parliament considers far-reaching legislation to make tech companies help authorities access encrypted messages used by criminals and terrorists.

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