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Terrorism News

A collection of open-source terrorism news from around the world.
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Under a November full moon, hundreds of young people dressed in black set about turning several of Hong Kong’s top universities into fortresses, well stocked with improvised weapons.

At City University, protesters used ping pong tables, potted plants, furniture, sports equipment, and bamboo to form a network of barricades to block roads and fortify the entrances to the student residence complex.

Hundreds of protesters wearing gas masks and helmets tore up piles of paving bricks and ceramic tiles to hurl at police, while others stockpiled dozens of petrol bombs, distributing them to their forward positions.

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The bodies of a man, woman and dog were found in a Simi Valley home Thursday night after police responded to a welfare check and found a bomb threat written on a wall of the residence.

Several homes were evacuated and the public was urged to stay away from a house near the 500 block of Fairfield Road as police and fire department personnel responded to a call at 6:45 p.m., Cmdr. Steve Shorts, Simi Valley Police Department public information officer, said.

Police say they found a bloody scene, including a woman’s body on the ground floor of the home and a man’s body with confirmed gunshot wounds. A dog was also found shot to death.

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FBI Pittsburgh officials, Pittsburgh Police, the bomb squad and other investigators converged on the local FBI headquarters on the South Side Thursday morning when a car spray-painted with a bizarre message was found parked outside the back gate.

The first reports of law enforcement activity along East Carson Street came in around 5 a.m. when security agents noticed someone drive the sedan up to the gate.

Crews from the Pittsburgh Fire Marine Division were also called to the scene.

Investigators focused on a car parked at the back of the building. A firetruck was brought in to put a barrier up near the orange-colored vehicle while the initial investigation was being conducted.

A bomb squad robot performed a sweep inside the car. It was spotted on the passenger side of the vehicle early this morning.

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Attorney General William Barr is calling for a December summit to confront the continuing threat of mass shootings as part of a federal law enforcement campaign to "refine our ability" to identify attackers before they strike.

 "Targeted killings of innocent people are senseless and cowardly, and demand the full attention of the United States government," the attorney general said in memo to the nation's 94 U.S. attorneys and federal law enforcement agencies. "While we are cognizant that irrational acts of violence by lone actors are very challenging to prevent in every instance, quiet professionals in the department have a strong record of swift action in meeting these threats..."

Barr's announcement comes during turbulent year when a succession of mass shootings have left communities across the country reeling, from El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, to Aurora, Illinois and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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The Virginia Beach Police Department reexamined the timeline of events leading up to the May 31 mass shooting after seeing several typographical errors.

On May 31, a gunman killed 12 people and wounded five others in and around the building in which he had worked for over nine years.

On September 24, the Virginia Beach Police Department provided an interim report on the criminal investigation to the Virginia Beach City Council. As part of that report, Deputy Chief Pat Gallagher provided a verbal presentation of the events that indicated the shooter’s movements based on cell phone data, key card access at certain doors, eyewitness testimony and physical evidence.

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