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An Indianapolis man accused of plotting domestic terrorism was sentenced on unrelated charges Friday.

Christopher Byrne, 31, received a five-year sentence for charges of operating a vehicle after being a habitual traffic offender, a Level 6 felony, and carrying a handgun as a convicted felon, a Level 5 felony, according to the Johnson County Prosecutor's Office.

The sentences for the two charges, which stem from a February 2015 arrest, will be served concurrently, with Byrne spending 3 1/2 years in prison and an additional 1 1/2 years suspended on probation.

He will also be required to undergo a mental health assessment and treatment on probation.

Byrne was arrested Aug. 15 after officers with the Greenwood Police Department noticed a car driving suspiciously through the parking lot at the Greenwood Park Mall. When officers stopped him and asked for identification, he refused, telling officers he was a "sovereign national."

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German police are raiding homes and offices linked to a group of anti-government extremists suspected of trying to establish their own state.  Police say 15 premises in the states of Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate are being searched.

Upper Bavaria police said Tuesday some of the searches are being conducted with tactical response units present due to the possibility that the suspects might act violently.  Seven people are suspected of engaging in forgery by producing documents purportedly issued by the "German Reich." Nine others are suspected sympathizers or customers.

German authorities have expressed growing concern about the grouping, which has been compared to the U.S. sovereign citizen movement.

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The wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter, who was extensively questioned by federal agents in the days after the massacre, has been arrested by the FBI on in connection with the attack, authorities said Monday.

Noor Salman was taken into custody Monday morning in the San Francisco Bay area and is facing charges in Florida including obstruction of justice. A Twitter post from the United States attorney's office in Orlando said Salman will make her initial court appearance Tuesday morning in Oakland, California.

Noor Salman moved to California after her husband, Omar Mateen, was killed in a shootout with SWAT team members during the June 12 massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

FBI agents repeatedly questioned Salman in the aftermath of the shooting about whether she had advance knowledge of her husband's plans. Salman told The New York Times in an interview published last fall that she knew her husband had watched jihadist videos but that she was "unaware of everything" regarding his intent to shoot up the club. She also said he had physically abused her.

"Noor Salman had no foreknowledge nor could she predict what Omar Mateen intended to do that tragic night," her attorney, Linda Moreno, said in a statement.

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A Pensacola man has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for lying to FBI agents who were investigating his interest in the Islamic State.

In October 2014, Robert Blake Jackson, 31, had material on his Facebook profile including comments, photos and videos expressing support for extremist terrorist groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. The materials reportedly included graphic ISIL videos promoting the execution of those who oppose ISIL.

In January 2015, a Pensacola telemarketing corporation reported they had recently fired Jackson for viewing ISIL— related and other terrorist-related websites and videos on his work computer, the release said.

In June 2015, during an interview with the FBI, Jackson stated that he never posted any pro-ISIL or violent content, and that he only used the internet at work to search news sites. Upon his arrest in July 2016, Jackson was in possession of an electronic tablet that contained the most recent addition of Dabiq, an ISIL recruitment magazine, as well as audio lectures of Anwar al-Awalki, an al Qaida propagandist. At his plea hearing Sept. 23, Jackson admitted the statements he made to federal agents were false.

Blake was sentenced Friday by Chief Judge M. Casey Rodgers, according to court records.

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A person wore two hats and a heavy coat as that person dropped off a homemade explosive that exploded in a Center City Philadelphia apartment, said Philadelphia Police.  The person, described by police as a person of interest, wore a "Elmer Fudd-like" lumberjack hat and a baseball cap as the person dropped off a package at Jim Alden's apartment along Pine Street -- not far from Rittenhouse Square.

Investigators showed photos of the person of interest Thursday and also said the device that blew up in Alden's hands was like no other seen on the East Coast. They also stressed that it appeared to be a targeted attack but they aren't sure if the person of interest simply delivered the device or manufactured it as well.  Surveillance images captured the delivery person on Lombard and Pine streets, said police.  Alden, who is cooperating with officials doesn't know why he was targeted, said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

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