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A collection of open-source terrorism news from around the world.
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Just beyond the gated entrance to the tiny Catskills community of Holy Islamberg, population 200, cows graze and ducks glide on a tranquil pond. Modest houses of wood and cinder block sit along the hamlet's single thoroughfare, a rutted dirt road without traffic signs.

Islamberg sits about 150 miles northwest of New York City, but the small enclave of Muslim families living on shared land feels a world away from city life, which is what its founders intended 30 years ago, when they established the hamlet on 70 acres of pasture land and dense woods in upstate New York.

Last month, however, the community's serenity was disrupted by news that a Tennessee man had pleaded guilty to charges of plotting an attack on Islamberg and its residents.

An array of far-right organizations see things very differently. Dozens of internet postings and a documentary film have characterized the community as a training camp for terrorists and its residents as Islamist warriors.

One blog on the Christian Action Network, for example, described the settlement as "America's first Islamic government," and warned that children are being raised to fight a holy war, that girls are denied an education and that rule breakers "are often tied to trees and whipped for disobeying."

Robert Doggart, a one-time congressional candidate from Tennessee, embraced that sort of overheated rhetoric as he plotted his attack on the Muslim enclave.  In wire-tapped phone calls and in meetings with Federal Bureau of Investigation informants, Doggart put out the call for a militia to attack Islamberg, saying he intended to destroy its mosque and gun down residents who tried to stop him.

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A D.C. man who appeared in the show 'Catfish' has been arrested for making terror threats against the Metro transit system over the past five months, Metro said. Jerez Nehemiah Stone-Coleman, also known as Kidd Cole, was arrested by Metro Transit Police Wednesday morning on charges of making terroristic threats against Metro stations, buses and trains in the District area.

Metro Transit Police received a total of eleven calls between December 12, 2014 and May 12, 2015 reporting bomb threats, and/or hostage situations at or directed against Metro stations, trains and buses, officials said. Stone-Coleman would call about destructive devices and acts of violence. Emergency crews responded to every case, however the threat information made in every call turned out to be false, according to officials.

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Two Rome men pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal charges of conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction in connection with what prosecutors called a conspiracy to receive and possess pipe bombs and other unregistered explosive devices as part of a militia operation.  According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Brian Cannon, 37, Cory Williamson, 28, and a third defendant, 45-year-old Terry Peace of Rome, discussed in an online chat room a plan to carry out an operation against the government in February 2014.

“Peace asked a cooperating witness to provide them with 12 pipe bombs and two thermite grenades,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a 2014 press release. “Peace, Cannon and Williamson subsequently planned to meet with the cooperating witness in order to take possession of the items.”  According to the release, the trio drove to Cartersville on Feb. 15, 2014, to meet the witness, who had been provided with 12 inert pipe bombs and two inter thermite, or pyrotechnic, devices “that were constructed to look like real explosives.”  They were arrested by federal agents as they were taking possession of the devices.

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A 63-year-old Signal Mountain resident and former Fourth District Congressional candidate charged with plotting the annihilation of a Muslim village in New York has entered into a plea agreement acknowledging his guilt.  Robert Rankin Doggart, of 183 Fern Mist Trail, Signal Mountain, is on federal bond awaiting sentencing in the case, which has drawn widespread attention in Upstate New York where the targeted community is located. He faces up to five years in federal prison.  The plea will be to a one-count bill of information charging him with interstate communication of threats. His attorneys are Bryan Hoss and Janie Parks Varnell.

Doggart “spoke on the phone with an individual in South Carolina as recently as April 9, 2015, regarding a plan to burn a mosque” in Islamberg, a small Muslim community near Hancock, NY, the affidavit reported.  Earlier, during a St. Patrick’s Day call, the former candidate for Congress “explicitly (said) the plan included burning down a school, a mosque and a cafeteria,” the complaint noted.

Source: The Chattanoogan

Sentencing is scheduled in federal court this morning for the Plano man convicted last year on charges that he attempted to blow up a natural-gas line with a homemade explosive.
Anson Chi, 36, pleaded guilty last June on the eve of his criminal trial to two felony counts: possessing a destructive device that was not registered as required by law and using that explosive device maliciously by igniting it in an attempt to destroy an Atmos Energy natural-gas pipeline in the 3600 block of West Parker Road in Plano.
The device exploded early, severely injuring Chi and causing minor damage to the above-ground pipeline.
Prosecutors are asking that a terrorism enhancement be applied and that Chi be sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.  But Chi, who is representing himself against the felony charges, has denied that he is a terrorist. Nor should his actions in the early morning hours of June 18, 2012, be considered a terrorist attack, he said in one of many handwritten court filings.