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Terrorism News

A collection of open-source terrorism news from around the world.
Date: Jun 7, 2019

In recent years, South American and Caribbean waters have seen a rise in piracy and narcotics trafficking, with Colombian maritime territory being a hot spot. To address this issue, experts from the Royal Danish Defence College in Copenhagen and the Colombian National War College in Bogota held an advanced research workshop on “Counter-Terrorism Lessons from Maritime Piracy and Narcotics interdiction” in order to help Colombia protect its critical maritime infrastructure, such as ports and supplies, as well as personnel from terrorist attacks.

“Protecting our seas will contribute to protecting our societies and preserve trade fluxes and exchanges, but will also enhance our opportunities to address critical issues for Colombia such as drug trafficking and piracy,” said Colombian Navy Rear Admiral Orlando Grisales at the workshop.

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Dakota Reed’s mind brimmed with thoughts of mass murder. In November, he wrote on Facebook, “I am shooting for 30 Jews.”

The next month, he uploaded a video of himself in his bedroom of his mother’s Seattle-area home proudly displaying new gun sights he had mounted on his AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle. White supremacist propaganda adorned the walls. He said he was “fixing to shoot up” a school.

The F.B.I., which had been investigating the 20-year-old Mr. Reed for about four months, weighed charging him. But federal prosecutors were concerned that the threat was too vague, so the F.B.I. quickly passed the case on to local law enforcement officials, who thought they could build a case under state law. In early December, a detective from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office arrested Mr. Reed. He pleaded guilty in May to making bomb threats and was sentenced on Tuesday to a year in jail.

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A powerful explosion in the southern Swedish town of Linkoping on Friday damaged buildings and lightly injured 25 people, police said.

The cause of the explosion was unclear but police said a bomb squad was on its way to the scene in downtown Linkoping and that they had opened a criminal investigation.

“There is nothing that indicates that this incident is terror-related, we do not see that,” police spokeswoman Asa Willsund.

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An unidentified man is in federal custody after he asked about buying grenades and discussed possibly detonating them in Times Square, according to law enforcement sources.

The man was intercepted by federal and local officials, and he posed no imminent threat.

He is expected to appear in federal court in Downtown Brooklyn on Friday.

He was detected both inquiring about obtaining grenades and discussing using them in Times Square, the sources told ABC News.

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