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Terrorism News

A collection of open-source terrorism news from around the world.
Date: Mar 25, 2019

Cyprus' government spokesman says authorities have arrested a Turkish Kurd against whom Germany has launched criminal proceedings for "terrorist activities."

Prodromos Prodromou said in a written statement Saturday that the individual had been recognized by Cyprus as a political refugee and had been granted Cypriot travel documents. He said the person was detained on the strength of a European arrest warrant.

Prodromou said a court on Saturday ordered the suspect detained.

He said the suspect, whose identity was not released, will remain in custody until a court rules whether to extradite him to Germany within 60 days of his arrest.

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Someone set fire to a mosque in Southern California on Sunday and left graffiti referencing the deadly terror attack at two mosques in New Zealand, authorities said.

Seven people were inside the Dar-ul-Arqam mosque in the city of Escondido when the blaze erupted Sunday during the early morning hours. They managed to extinguish the flames before firefighters arrived, and the building was left with only minor damage to the exterior facade. No one was injured, according to Escondido Police Lt. Chris Lick.

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Eight Lebanese citizens, all Shiite Muslims, have been charged with "terrorism" in the UAE and denied legal representation in a trial "marred with violations", Human Rights Watch said Monday.

While the charges have not been made public, families of the eight men say they were charged with terrorism, according to New York-based HRW.

UAE media reported that they are linked to Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah.

Although the Iran-backed Hezbollah holds three cabinet posts and is 13 seats in the Lebanese parliament, it is blacklisted as a terrorist organisation by the United Arab Emirates.

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A "viable improvised explosive device" found in western Ireland is linked to an investigation into similar devices in London and Scotland, authorities said Friday.

It was contained in a plastic envelope and found in a postal collection center in Limerick, Irish police said in a statement.

Irish police were alerted to a suspicious item shortly after 6 a.m. local time on Friday, authorities said. The army's bomb disposal team arrived at the An Post's collection center at 9:50 a.m. local time, where the package was found.

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Names of medieval Serbian, Hungarian and Bulgarian knights were scrawled on the magazines of a rifle belonging to the suspected attacker behind New Zealand's worst-ever mass shooting.

A Serbian folk song glorifying Radovan Karadzic — the Bosnian Serb leader convicted of war crimes against Muslims during the war that tore apart Yugoslavia in the mid-1990s — played in Brenton Tarrant's car minutes before he allegedly launched the attack that killed 50 at two mosques in Christchurch.

The Australian had also traveled in southeastern Europe twice in the past two years.

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