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A collection of open-source terrorism news from around the world.
Date: Jun 14, 2017

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) raised its threat level on Wednesday, saying it had become aware of more serious terrorism-related projects and plans in Finland.

"The most significant terrorist threat in Finland is still posed by individual actors or small groups motivated by radical Islamist propaganda or terrorist organizations encouraging them", Supo said in a statement after raising the threat level to elevated from low.

The Nordic country has not witnessed attacks like other European countries, but Helsinki has grown more concerned after recent attacks in neighboring Sweden and Russia.

Supo said the elevated threat was posed particularly by foreign fighters who have left Finland to fight alongside Islamic state and who have gained significant positions within the organization.

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A suspected suicide bomber detonated an explosive-laden vehicle outside of a restaurant and hotel in the Somali capital on Wednesday, killing at least four people and wounding several others, police said.

The blast targeted the Pizza House restaurant, a popular eatery in Mogadishu, and the Posh Hotel a few meters away. The car exploded at the restaurant’s gate.

Initial reports claimed gunmen rushed inside the restaurant soon after the explosion; however Capt. Mohamed Hussein said it was unclear whether there was a hostage situation underway.

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German police admitted on Wednesday that they asked organizers to suspend the Rock am Ring festival earlier this month after two misspelled names led them to suspect radical Islamists were working there. 

The names belonged to two employees of a Frankfurt-based company that had been subcontracted to set up the stages at the festival. The names appear to have been spelled incorrectly on a list of employees handed out to the festival organizers, leading police to suspect that they may have been connected to the Islamist scene. According to Focus, the two men are Syrian nationals.

“The names of the suspects were written incorrectly, but they exhibited a phonetic similarity to the actual names,” said Johannes Kunz, chief of police in Rhineland-Palatinate, to the Allgemeine Zeitung in Mainz. Rock am Ring was thrown into disarray at the start of June when police asked organizers to evacuate the 87,000 festival-goers during the first day of the concert.

Kunz said that security checks need to be strengthened at future festivals so that police can request the identity of all people who work at the locations, even if on a strictly voluntary basis. 

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The US State Department officially designated the Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI) jihadist group as a foreign terrorist organization yesterday. The group was formed in 2000 and has ties to al Qaeda.

State explained that MMI was formed by Abu Bakar Bashir, a co-founder of Jemaah Islamiyya (JI), al Qaeda’s regional affiliate. 

State’s designation notes that MMI also supports Al Nusrah, now part of Hay’at Tahrir al Sham (HTS). Indonesians are known to hold ranks in both HTS and Baghdadi’s Islamic State.

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A 37-year-old man alleged to have shot a police officer in a Munich subway station after randomly attacking another passenger had been living with his father in Colorado and was on a European trip, German officials said Wednesday.

Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae told reporters the suspect, identified only as a Bavarian-born German citizen, flew to Munich airport from Athens on Monday and spent the night in the airport.

Witnesses told police as the man rode the subway toward the city Tuesday he was talking to himself in English, then suddenly began punching another, apparently randomly chosen, passenger in the face, pummeling him until he was bloody. Police were called and when the suspect got off at the suburban Unterfoehring station, two officers began questioning him.

Surveillance video shows one officer holding a pad of paper and pen taking notes when the suspect suddenly shoved him with "extreme violence" toward an oncoming train, Andrae said. In the ensuing struggle the suspect grabbed the officer's pistol from its holster, and opened fire at both of the officers. 

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