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Terrorism News

A collection of open-source terrorism news from around the world.
Date: Aug 12, 2016

A Mississippi woman who tried to join the Islamic State group sought to apologize at sentencing Thursday, tearful as a federal judge ordered her to spend 12 years in prison on a terrorism charge.  Vicksburg native Jaelyn Young, who once sought to disguise a planned journey to Syria as her honeymoon, told U.S. District Judge Sharion Aycock that she finds what she did "surreal," adding she felt shame over her actions and sorrow for the humiliation she caused her family.

"I wasn't myself. I said and did things that were so contrary to me," the 20-year-old Young said, hunching her shoulders as she broke down in sobs. "Much of this remains surreal to me."  "When things really began to snap back into place, then I began to feel shame," Young added.

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The Philippines military said on Friday it was taking seriously what it believed was a call by Islamic State (IS) militants for an attack on the Miss Universe contest being held in the country next year.

The military said a recent bomb-making video posted on social media, apparently by Islamic State militants in the Middle East, carried a message in Arabic script reading: "create bomb for Miss Universe".  The pageant is due to be held in the capital, Manila, in January.

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A tip from the FBI triggered what Canadian police on Thursday called a "race against time" as police scrambled to identify and locate a balaclava-wearing would-be suicide bomber they feared was on the verge of committing a terror attack in Canada.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Aaron Driver, a Canadian man previously banned from associating with Islamic State extremists, prepared a martyrdom video and was about to commit a terrorist attack but was killed Wednesday in southern Ontario after he detonated his explosive device in a taxi and was shot at by officers.

On Friday, the IS group's media arm, the Aamaq news agency, said that Driver was a "soldier of the Islamic State." A posting on the agency's website said his only mistake was "in releasing his video ... before carrying out the attack."

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Belgium has detained three people after a string of house searches in Brussels as part of an anti-terrorism investigation, prosecutors said on Friday.

"Eight house searches were conducted last night by the federal judicial police of Brussels ... at the demand of an investigating judge specialized in terrorism," the federal prosecutors said in a statement.

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