This software giant may have crooks doing hard time.

Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit was behind an unprecedented takedown of servers powering some of the worst known cybercrime operations today, the Windows giant said late Sunday night. The “Zeus” family of malware is responsible for a large portion of online fraud and identity theft, the company said.

Office buildings in Illinois and Pennsylvania were raided by U.S. Marshals on Friday, March 23, accompanied by Microsoft investigators. Microsoft was supported by financial services security firms, including the Electronic Payments Association and the Financial Services -- Information Sharing and Analysis Center.

Computers at the site were infected by the Zeus malware, which uses a “keylogger” to records a person’s every computer keystroke, according to a legal complaint published online Saturday. The malware monitored online activity in order to gain access to usernames and passwords and steal victims’ identities, withdraw money from their bank accounts and make online purchases. 

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