The maritime sector might be a long way behind airlines and integrators when it comes to embracing the digital world. But it is catching up quickly as new satellite systems enable the real-time networking of fleets.

And, according to former naval personnel and security experts speaking at London International Shipping Week, as shipping embraces digitalization, criminal hackers and hostile nation state actors will step up efforts to target the weakest links in the supply chain, threatening the national security of the U.S. and other countries.

Tipping his hat to UPS Inc (NYSE: UPS) and its vast fleets of integrated and digitally transparent delivery vans fitted with advanced telematics and operated as a network, Dr Martin Stopford, Clarksons Platou, said Silicon Valley had made plug and play logistics possible on land. "The shipping industry is a very long way behind that," he told delegates at a cybersecurity seminar hosted by law firm Hill Dickinson on September 10.

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