The so-called Islamic State has allegedly put out a “death list” with names of civilians that work with the local councils and administrations in northeast Syria backed by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The pamphlet calls on civilians that work with “infidels” and the local councils or administrations “to repent or face the consequences.”

The document was published on Sept. 3 on behalf of the Islamic State security department of Wilayat al-Khayr, the former Syria-Iraq border province of the so-called Islamic State caliphate that was primarily made up of the city of Deir al-Zor and its countryside.

In the document, the terror group warns civilians that they could be kidnapped from their homes, public shops, or places of worship. It also threatened to blow up their homes.

“The one who repents, we will deal with them fairly,” the document said. It also reminded civilians of the underground Islamic State presence in the area. “We see you, and you don’t see us.” 

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