A Somali police General reported injured after an explosive device connected to his car exploded somewhere near the seaport in Mogadishu on Monday morning.

Some reports indicate that General Mohamed Abdulle Dhoorre was in the car while fueling up at a petrol station at the time of the explosion.

After the explosion, Somali Police forces reached and cordoned off the area before transporting the General Dhoorre along with one of his bodyguards who were also injured to the hospital.

The police continue to search in the scene of the incident to investigate the explosion, and there are no reports from the police for now.

Last month, former secretary of Banadir regional administration Mohamed Amin was killed in such car bombing near KM4 junction in the capital of Mogadishu. The attack was claimed by Al-Shabaab.

It became quite familiar with this type of assassinations to target government members in Mogadishu which always leads to death or heavy injuries.

Source: Shabelle Media Network