"The way we used to protect planes," Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Cyber Week conference in Tel Aviv last week—a slide depicting photographs of several hijacked planes on the screen behind him, "was armed guards and security forces ready to burst in... and locked doors to keep pilots and passengers apart."

The image on the screen changed to show an Etihad Airlines A380 set against Sydney's skyline. "That plane," Netanyahu said, "was not going to be hijacked. That plane from Sydney to Abu Dhabi was going to be exploded in midair. We found out through our cyber activities that ISIS was going to do this and we alerted the Australian police and they stopped it before it could happen."

Last year, Israel's military confirmed that "soldiers of Unit 8200, along with the country’s intelligence community," had provided the Australian authorities with information on a major ISIS plot in 2017 "to down a civilian plane heading from Australia to Abu Dhabi," with "security forces able to arrest the terrorists, who were in the final stages of executing the attack."

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