A Washington County man accused of igniting a bomb on 185th Avenue near Hillsboro in 2017 has been convicted by a federal jury.

Jason Paul Schaefer, 27, of Rock Creek, was convicted on Wednesday, May 15, on a host of federal charges, including two counts of assaulting a federal officer.

Schaefer detonated an improvised explosive device he was holding in his hand on Oct. 11, 2017, while he was being investigated by federal agents. The blast injured a Washington County deputy and another law enforcement agent attempting to arrest him.

Authorities said Schaefer had been buying stockpiles of explosive equipment in the weeks before his arrest. According to court documents, Schaefer had purchased an explosive liquid known as nitromethane, as well as 100 electric matches and several remotes that are intended to set off fireworks from a distance. Schaefer also allegedly purchased about one pound of hexamine, a compound which can be used to make home-made explosives and is frequently used in suicide bombings, according to court documents.

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