A leader of al-Qaida's wing in Yemen has been killed by his brother at a mosque, in a family dispute which then led to the brother being killed in a revenge attack, according to tribal and security sources.  Tareq al-Dahab – brother-in-law of U.S.-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki who died in an American drone attack last year – was killed with five bodyguards by his brother Hizam and fighters from the Dahab tribe while praying in the early hours of Thursday at a mosque in al-Baydah province.

"Tareq al-Dahab and five of his bodyguards were killed in a mosque in the al-Manasih area near his home," said a tribal source.  "His brother Hizam had three men with him and they killed Tareq and his men easily because they surprised them."  Tareq's followers later avenged the deaths by blowing up Hizam's house, killing him, tribal sources said.  A third brother, Nabil al-Dahab, is now expected to become al-Qaida's leader in al-Baydah.

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