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Terrorism News

A collection of open-source terrorism news from around the world.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will be joined by the leaders of France and Italy in calling for terrorist content to be removed from the internet within one to two hours after it has been posted.

World leaders and internet giants including Facebook, Google and Microsoft are set to meet at the UN General Assembly in New York on Wednesday to discuss preventing terrorist use of the internet.

May will call upon the companies to go "further and faster" in making sure terrorist material is removed, as well as preventing it from being posted in the first place.

The meeting comes only a week after the UK suffered its fifth terrorist attack of 2017 in which 30 people were injured in an explosion on the London Underground. Groups like Daesh, another way of referring to the Islamic State, are accused by politicians of using the internet to radicalize terrorists and educate them on how to carry out attacks.

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Austria said on Wednesday it had some evidence that nine foreign oilfield workers abducted by Islamist militants in Libya in 2015 were killed the same year, though it was still trying to verify the information. 

The four Filipinos, two Bangladeshis, one Austrian, one Czech and one Ghanaian worked at the al-Ghani oilfield for equipment firm VAOS, which specializes in Libya and has offices in Austria and Malta. 

In a statement, the Council said it later found a laptop containing a photo of one of the employees, and a video of the killing of four Filipino workers, and was able to match them to images of the kidnapped employees. 

The bodies were buried in marked graves and “special procedures are under way to return them to their families”, the group said. The Red Crescent declined to comment. 

At the time of the attack, Islamic State militants made no financial or political demands as armed factions in Libya often do, but IS beheaded 11 Libyan security guards it had captured. 

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A US-backed alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters says it has driven Islamic State (IS) militants out of 80% of the northern Syrian city of Raqqa.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that its three-month-old assault was now in its "final stages". A monitoring group said heavy air strikes had forced militants to pull out of five areas in the past 48 hours.

Raqqa became the de facto capital of the "caliphate" whose creation was proclaimed by IS three years ago. The provincial city was transformed by the group, which implemented an extreme interpretation of Islamic law there and used beheadings, crucifixions and torture to terrorise residents who opposed its rule.

At the same time, Raqqa became home to thousands of jihadists from around the world who heeded a call to migrate there by IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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London Metropolitan police arrested two more men early Wednesday in connection with last week's bombing of a subway car in Parsons Green. 

Police said they arrested two men, ages 48 and 30, in Newport, Wales just after 5 a.m. local time. The men were arrested under section 41 of the Terrorism Act after officers executed a warrant at the address where the two men were located. 

A 25-year-old man was arrested Tuesday evening, also in Newport, at a different address. The total number of people held in the attack is now five. None of the five men have been identified by police. 

The terror threat was lowered to severe from critical over the weekend, but police warned on Wednesday that the public should remain vigilant and report any unusual activity.

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Spain's Interior Ministry says police have arrested a Pakistani man suspected of promoting terrorism and spreading Islamic jihadi propaganda on social media networks.

A ministry statement the 25-year-old resident of the northern Catalan city of Lleida was part of a cell partially dismantled with the arrest of three Pakistani brothers in Lleida last year. The ministry said the man detained Tuesday had become more engrossed in radical activities in recent weeks.

Sixteen people were killed in attacks in the Catalan capital, Barcelona, and another Catalan coastal town last month. The Islamic State armed group claimed the attacks.

Spain says its police have been involved in the arrests of 200 suspected jihadi activists since the country raised its security alert to one step below the maximum in June 2015.

Source: AP