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Terrorism News

A collection of open-source terrorism news from around the world.

Eventual victory against the Islamic State could well lead to an uptick of terrorist attacks in the West, not a reduction in them, James B. Comey, the director of the F.B.I., said on Wednesday.

“At some point there is going to be a terrorist diaspora out of Syria like we’ve never seen before,” Mr. Comey said at a cybersecurity conference at Fordham University. “Not all of the Islamic State killers are going to die on the battlefield.”

Mr. Comey predicted that the military coalition would eventually succeed in crushing the Islamic State, but that “through the fingers of that crush are going to come hundreds of really dangerous people and they are going to flow primarily to Western Europe.” But some, he said, could well end up in the United States.

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The U.S. is exploiting an enormous amount of digital information about the Islamic State obtained by Syrian rebels who are fighting for control of the city of Manbij, a spokesman for the American-led military coalition said Wednesday.

Speaking by phone from Baghdad, Col. Christopher Garver told reporters at the Pentagon that it's unclear how this trove of intelligence might affect the direction of the war, but he suggested it has been of considerable value.

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Shabaab claimed that Saleh Noh Mohamed, a former Somali Member of Parliament (MP) who defected to the Islamic State in 2010, took part in yesterday’s suicide attack near an African Union (AU) base at the Mogadishu airport. The attack left 13 people dead and wounded 19 others wounded.

On the Shahada News (a Shabaab outlet) Telegram account, the jihadist group said that “Saleh Noh was one of the suicide bombers that targeted a base in Mogadishu. He was formerly a deputy in parliament.” 

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A suitcase, likely packed with aerosol cans, has blown up near a migrant centre on the outskirts of Nuremberg, causing no injuries, police confirm.

Bavarian police confirmed that there had been a detonation around 100 meters from the refugee centre at around 2.30 pm. But they said it was not an explosion and that it had not caused any injuries. "There is no particular threat to the area," police said.

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Forty-four people have been killed in a massive bombing in the Kurdish-controlled city of Qamishli in north-east Syria, Syrian state TV reports.

The blast was caused by a truck bomb which struck near a Kurdish security headquarters, according to a UK-based monitoring group. 

So-called Islamic State (IS) has said it was behind the attack, in Hassakeh province, near the border with Turkey.

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