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A collection of open-source homeland security and terrorism news from around the world.
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A federal grand jury has charged James David Hampton, 40, of London, Ohio, with 10 counts of making online threats to individuals connected with a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people access safe abortions.

According to the indictment, on Aug. 26, 2020, Hampton searched “Abortion Support Network” on Facebook and commented on the ASN page, in part, “we kill scum like you…we follow you…we stalk you…then we kill you” and “there will be no pity when I myself stand over your cowering body as you beg and weep for your own life…just before I cut your throat.”

Hampton allegedly added, “we know where you live..your routines..we kidnap your kind…we torture you for information.”

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The leader of the National Socialist Movement, the largest Neo-Nazi group in the United States, was arrested in Chandler Monday.

Burt Colucci is accused of threatening to kill African Americans and pointing his gun at them.

Colucci was in the Valley for the NSM rally over the weekend, which was a brief, uneventful march.

The Neo-Nazi group tried to provoke a confrontation with Black men by calling them racial slurs, but when it was clear they were not going to get their desired reaction, the group got in their cars and left.

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A federal judge on Monday jailed two Proud Boys leaders pending trial in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, handing a victory to U.S. prosecutors in a closely watched conspiracy case accusing the pair of planning to disrupt Congress and leading as many as 60 others to impede police that day.

U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Kelly of Washington acknowledged that online organizers Ethan Nordean, 30, of Seattle and Joseph Randall Biggs, 37, of Ormond Beach, Fla., “lacked most of the usual markers of dangerousness” relied on by judges to detain other Jan. 6 defendants, saying that neither was armed, assaulted police or had a criminal record.

However, Kelly ruled, “these defendants are alleged by their leadership and planning to have facilitated political violence on January 6th, even if they themselves did not carry a weapon or strike a blow.”

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A new report from Digital Citizens Alliance and The Coalition for a Safer Web says social platforms need to do a better job cracking down on domestic extremists who continue to use digital platforms to recruit new members, spread misinformation and glorify their violent acts.

The 56-page report, released Monday, calls on Congress to enact new penalties for domestic terrorism. It also recommendations that social media companies hire more people to police their sites and increase consistency in enforcement by sharing information about bad actors with other online platforms.

"They brag about their ability to track videos and be able to put ads that really relate to the experience. They need to use that prowess and stop treating this like a PR problem and start treating it like a national security issue that it is," said Tom  Galvin, Executive Director of Digital Citizens Alliance.

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A federal grand jury has indicted four members of a militia group associated with the “boogaloo” movement in connection with a scheme to obstruct justice and destroy records to thwart the investigation and proceedings involving the May 29, 2020 shooting of federal Protective Services Officers, announced Acting United States Attorney for the Northern District of California Stephanie M. Hinds and FBI Special Agent in Charge Craig D. Fair. 

The grand jury returned an indictment alleging that Jessie Alexander Rush, Robert Jesus Blancas, Simon Sage Ybarra, and Kenny Matthew Miksch, all members of a militia group, conspired to destroy communications and other records relating to the May 29, 2020 murder and attempted murder of two federal security officers in Oakland, California.  The indictment charges Rush with an additional count of obstruction of official proceedings and Blancas with an additional count of destruction of records in official proceedings.

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