The man who used his rental van as a weapon on a busy Toronto sidewalk in 2018, killing 10 people and badly injuring 16 in the city’s worst mass killing, was found guilty of murder and attempted murder by an Ontario judge on Wednesday. 

Rejecting the novel argument that his autism spectrum disorder rendered him not criminally responsible, Ontario Superior Court Justice Anne Molloy ruled that the defendant, Alek Minassian, understood clearly what he was doing, despite the conclusion of several experts that he was incapable of feeling empathy because of his neurodevelopmental disorder.

“This was the exercise of free will by a rational brain, capable of choosing between right and wrong. He freely chose the option that was morally wrong, knowing what the consequences would be for himself, and for everybody else,” said Justice Molloy, who throughout her verdict refused to identify the defendant by name, instead calling him “John Doe.”

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