Federal Jury Convicts Leader of Violent Baltimore Gang

BALTIMORE (AP) — Prosecutors say a federal jury has convicted the 24-year-old leader of a violent Baltimore gang following a 12-day trial.

The U.S. Attorney's Office says Trevon Beasley led the Old York Money Gang. That's a street gang from the Waverly neighborhood that authorities say has been involved in murders, extortion and drug dealing across the Baltimore area.

He was convicted Friday of multiple charges related to his gang activities.

Beasley faces a maximum sentence of life on racketeering, drug and gun conspiracy counts. Sentencing is set for March 29.

Gang Member Wanted Since 2016 Arrested, $10K Reward Offered For Remaining Fugitives

BALTIMORE (WJZ) A fugitive that had been in the ATF’s crosshairs for two years was arrested Nov. 29 for crimes related to his alleged role in a violent drug distribution conspiracy.

Terrell “Relly” Luster had been wanted by the ATF Baltimore Field Division since Sept. 2016. Police said he’s a member of the “Hillside Enterprise” a gang that operated in the Cherry Hill neighborhood of Baltimore for 14 years.

The indictment specifically alleges that Luster was involved in at least one murder and could be involved in other murders, attempted murders and aggravated assaults with two other members of Hillside Enterprise, Travis “Sticks” Alewine and Deaven “Gotti” Cherry.

Teen charged in MS-13 killing had avoided deportation

BOSTON – A Massachusetts teen facing charges in the killing of a 17-year-old boy had been allowed to remain in the country despite being identified by police as an active member of MS-13, recently filed federal court documents show.

Homeland Security officials told an immigration judge this summer 19-year-old Henri Salvador Gutierrez should be deported to his native El Salvador because he was a "verified and active member" of MS-13 with multiple weapons-related arrests, prosecutors said in a filing last week.

But the judge deemed the information against Gutierrez inconclusive and ordered him released on June 30, just weeks before the Somerville resident and five other alleged MS-13 members stabbed Herson Rivas to death in Lynn on July 30, according to prosecutors.