Trial begins for alleged MS-13 gang member Victor Rodas accused of murder

One of the five alleged MS-13 gang members involved in the death of 17-year-old Raymond Wood was in court Tuesday morning for trial.

Victor Rodas is charged with first degree murder, robbery, abduction for pecuniary benefit, and participation in a criminal act in association with a criminal street gang.

He pleaded not guilty to all 4 charges.

Raymond Wood, 17, was found dead in the 1700 block of Roaring Run Road in Bedford County on March 27, 2017.

The prosecution alleges Raymond Wood was lured from his home for a drug deal, saying he sold marijuana. From there, prosecutors said Rodas and others drove him to a dark, desolate road.

The prosecution said he was choked out in the car, then taken from the car and stabbed 29 times along the side of the road. His neck was slit and his right hand was chopped off.

Hagerstown teen sentenced for fatal drive-by shooting

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - More than a year after Eddie Ragland was shot and killed in Hagerstown, one of the defendants received his sentence for shooting Ragland to death.

Jason Carter received 65 years with all but 40 years suspended and 5 years of supervised probation for the shooting death of Ragland.

"Hopefully those who would do violence in our community know are listening and understand that we will prosecute, we will investigate. They will arrest and that you will go to prison," said Charles Strong with the Maryland State’s Attorney.

It was the early morning hours back in May of 2017. State's attorneys say Ragland was in a car at Noland Drive and Sherman Avenue in Hagerstown along with his cousin, two other women and a baby.

And that's when Carter shot at the car. Police say it was rising tensions between the BG and YO gang lead to that drive by shooting that claimed Ragland's life, severely injured his cousin and traumatized the others.