Baltimore contract killer gets 19 years in prison after sting - A Baltimore contract killer, who was caught telling an undercover FBI agent that he would murder someone for drugs and cash, pleaded guilty Thursday and was sentenced to more than 19 years in federal prison, the U.S. Attorney's office announced. 

"There are other hit men like Antonio McKiver who commit drug-related murders in Baltimore," U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein said in a news release. "Our challenge is to catch them before the next murder so we don't need to chase them afterwards."

On June 7, 2012, McKiver, who went by the street name "Tony Montana," told a confidential informant that he was willing to carry out a murder in exchange for drugs and cash, and the next week a meeting was set up with an undercover FBI agent. The agent told mcKiver that he needed him to kill one of his associates, and would give him $15,000 and a kilogram of drugs. 

"That ain't no problem," McKiver, 47, allegedly said in one conversation, according to court records. "Give us the address, a picture, whatever, and we'll take care of that."

He was also implicated in the 1993 killing of bail bondsman Angelo Garrison Sr. and his 3-year-old son, with federal prosecutors saying he was an "enforcer in a city drug gang" and the middle man who introduced a drug dealer to the 21-year-old triggerman, The Sun reported at the time. He was not convicted of a crime in that incident.

Former member details beating by biker gang - SALEM — A Gloucester man, who police say is the president of the Red Devil motorcycle club whose members are accused of kidnapping and beating a former member, will be released if he makes bail.

Five months after his right hand and wrist were shattered by a ball-peen hammer, that former Red Devil is still wearing a cast and bandages, visible as he raised that hand to swear an oath in court yesterday.

The alleged victim, 56, who until two weeks ago lived in a Revere bungalow, took the stand to testify against his former associates in the Red Devils and Hells Angels motorcycle clubs, describing how he was “put out bad” by the gang after failing to beat up a former member who showed up at a party last September.

He did more than testify, however; he wore a recording device that captured audio and video of one of those former associates, Marc Eliason, 35, of Danvers.

Grand Jury Indicts Alleged Gang Members -  BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A federal grand jury has handed down two indictments against members of an alleged violent gang.

The U.S. Attorney's Office says three members of the Bailey Boys have been charged in connection with two shootings, one of a rival gang member, the other involved a drug deal gone bad.  One of the victims was wounded, the other was killed.

The Bailey Boys alone, who operate in the Winspear, Kensington, and Eggert Road area, now stand accused of a total of three murders and six shootings, including a drive-by that occurred during a neighborhood party where numerous kids were present.

Local officials say the violent gang most often went after rival gang members, but also posed a risk to others.

Two MS-13 Street Gang Members Convicted in Federal Court on Racketeering, Murder, and Firearms Charges