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Gang News

Five gang members sentenced to prison for smuggling drugs into Virginia prisons

Five gang members who smuggled drugs and other contraband into Virginia prisons and sold drugs outside of prison have been sentenced in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia in Roanoke this week.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, these members were a part of a gang called the Mad Stone Bloods (MSB). The MSB gang operates in Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas and Maryland. According to the Department of Justice, common MSB gang activities include murder, narcotics trafficking, wire fraud and mail fraud inside and outside of prisons. The gang is based in New York and Virginia MSB members report to these leaders.

In a release from the Department of Justice, the gang members' charges include:

"Terrance Nathaniel Brown, aka War, 29, was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison on a drug conspiracy conviction. Clifford Alexander Jennings, aka Big Cliff, 48, of Salem, Virginia, was sentenced to serve 12 years in prison on narcotics conspiracy offenses. Ronnie Monroe Nicholas Jr., aka RG, 37, of Crewe, Virginia, was sentenced to serve 12 years in prison on a racketeering conspiracy conviction. Michael Jamal Jones, aka M. Stone, 30, of Brooklyn, New York, was sentenced to serve 41 months in prison on a drug conspiracy conviction. Jermaine Shiquill Epps, aka Money, 28, of Madison Heights, Virginia, was sentenced to serve 24 months in prison on a drug conspiracy conviction."

Six MS-13 members indicted in NJ for murder and plots to kill 2 others

Six members of the violent MS-13 gang have been indicted in New Jersey on murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges.

The murder victim was a suspected rival gang member who was gunned down entering an apartment building in West New York, N.J., on July 1, 2015, according to the indictment.

The indictment returned this week by a grand jury in Newark Federal Court says the hit was carried out by MS-13 recruit Juan Garcia-Gomez, 22, as part of his initiation into the gang.

MS-13 member gets 20 years for role in brutal knife/gun attack on member of rival gang

An MS-13 member who emptied his gun into a suspected member of a rival gang member laying on the ground after another MS-13 member tried to eviscerate him with a butcher knife was sentenced today to 20 years in federal prison.

David "Cilindro" Lopez had pleaded guilty in November to his role in the murder attempt and to his return to Massachusetts after he fled to New Jersey to try to kill an MS-13 member suspected of talking to the feds - who upon learning of his impending attack, immediately relocated him under the witness-protection program.

According to a sentencing memorandum filed by the US Attorney's office in the case, the victim of the 2014 attack in Chelsea survived only due to the skill of a trauma surgeon at Mass. General, who resuscitated a man who had no blood left in his body by the time he got to him in the emergency room.

Growing 18th Street, MS-13 rivalry underscored by recent indictments, NYPD says

Seven reputed members and associates of the 18th Street gang were indicted Monday in a Queens slaying as well as a racketeering scheme investigators said has grown in the city along with the group’s rivalry with MS-13.

Among those charged was Yanki Misael Cruz-Mateo, 19, of Jamaica, Queens, accused of pulling the trigger in the Feb. 2 fatal shooting of a reputed MS-13 gang member from Elizabeth, New Jersey, according to the indictment.

Cruz-Mateo and the other defendants face various charges, including murder in aid of racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder, and alien in possession of a firearm, court papers said.

Investigators focused on Cruz-Mateo, also known as “Doggy,” after police found text messages on his phone in which he admitted shooting the victim, also 19, for being an MS-13 gang member, according to the court papers.

Four suspects with gang ties cuffed in Queens killing of man shot in head, groin

Cops busted four more suspects in an alleged gang-related slaying of a New Jersey man in Queens in early February that was caught on security video, authorities said.

Along with an alleged gangbanger busted in March, all have ties to the 18th Street gang, also known as Barrio 18 — a top rival of the murderous MS-13, authorities said.

The suspects were arrested in the case of El Salvador national Oscar Antonio Blanco-Hernandez, 20, who was fatally shot in the head and groin on 160th St. near 85th Ave. in Jamaica Hills on Feb. 2.

Four days after the hit, then-Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said the killers may be linked to the notorious MS-13 gang.

"Apparently, it is gang-related and there is evidence that also links to another crime," he said at the time.

On March 14, cops said they arrested Alexander "Yoni" Sierra in Maryland for his involvement in the slaying.

East Baltimore gang boss sentenced to life in prison for ordering the murder of police informant

An East Baltimore man was sentenced to life in prison without parole Monday for ruling over a murderous branch of the Black Guerrilla Family street gang and ordering the execution of a police informant.

Gerald "Geezy" Johnson, 35, showed no emotion as a federal judge in Baltimore handed down the harshest possible penalty.

“He poses a grave danger,” U.S. District Judge James Bredar told the courtroom. “Perhaps the greatest danger of any defendant the court has ever sentenced.”

A woman scoffed from the gallery.

Gang Member Gets Nearly 12 Years in Racketeering Case

BALTIMORE (AP) — A judge has sentenced a member of the Black Guerilla Family gang to nearly 12 years in prison for conspiring to participating in racketeering.

U.S. District Judge James Bredar sentenced 23-year-old Norman Handy on Monday. According to his plea agreement, Handy belonged to an offshoot of the gang known as the Greenmount Avenue Regime.

A statement from the U.S. Attorney's office says Handy admitted to engaging in drug distribution and armed robbery, including a 2013 robbery where he shot a victim in the foot. That victim had been scheduled to testify against Handy but prosecutors say he was later fatally shot by gang member Wesley Brown.

Alleged MS-13 member — known as the grandpa — is accused of extorting Langley Park residents

Among many residents in Langley Park, he has been known as “El Abuelo,” or “Grandpa.” The genial nickname belied their fears: The man held sway in the MS-13 gang.

A newly unsealed federal indictment in Maryland appears to affirm the neighborhood’s apprehensions and charges that Jairo Arnaldo Jacome, also known as El Abuelo, extorted weekly payments for years from residents who ran small, off-the-books businesses in areas the gang considered its territory.

The federal filing alleges the 36-year-old Jacome was a member of a faction of the international MS-13 street gang and physically threatened victims to elicit money, including showing a gun and telling one person he would send people to kill the victim’s family if “rent” payments were not made.

Sentencing Set For Baltimore Gang Member

BALTIMORE (AP) A member of a violent Baltimore street gang could spend the rest of his life behind bars after being convicted on federal racketeering and drug trafficking charges.

Thirty-five-year-old Gerald Thomas Johnson was one of three members of the Black Guerilla Family convicted in January for their roles in the gang.

Johnson was to appear in federal court Monday for sentencing.

He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison for racketeering and drug conspiracies and for murder in aid of racketeering, according to the ATF Baltimore Field Division.

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