Walter Reed Medical Center Placed on Lockdown After Report of Suspected 'Shooter'

The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center campus near Bethesda, Maryland, placed a shelter-in-place (code white) order this morning [July 6] following a report of a suspected active shooter around 11 am.  Montgomery County Police officers responded but could not confirm the initial report of a gunshot heard on campus. There are no confirmed shots and no reported injuries following an initial sweep of the facility, sources said.

Some responding federal agents were subsequently told to stand down, a federal law enforcement official told ABC News. Stand down meaning that no other emergency personnel is needed at the location.

The Navy originally confirmed the lockdown in a statement, saying: "All base personnel are sheltering in place as a result of unconfirmed reports of an active shooter," the Navy's statement added. "DOD Security Force, NIH Police Force and County EMS and Medics have responded and searching the area."

Bomb sniffing dogs will check buildings once police finish a sweep of the buildings.

This, just days after the Washington Naval Yard was shut down for about two and a half hours after a report of possible gunshots at the Navy Yard triggered a massive law enforcement response in the area. There was no evidence of a shooter or shooting were found.

Just after 7:29 a.m., an official at the Navy Yard called D.C. police for assistance after someone reported hearing gunshots. A Navy Yard employee had reported internally "she may have heard gunshots in the facility," D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said.

Multiple agencies, including the Metropolitan Police Department, the FBI, U.S. Park Police, Homeland Security, and the ATF responded.  Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier said a sweep of the Navy Yard showed "no signs of a shooter, no shooting and no injured," She said authorities do not believe it was a hoax.  Authorities said that the quick response are attributed to exercises conducted after the 2013 killings.

Source: Multiple Reporting Sources